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Avenue of the Arts

Coded Connections is proud to partner up with Avenue of the Arts for the 2024 festival in Fort Lauderdale. 

Get your tickets here:


 1 Interlock Ave NW. Atlanta GA 30318

Inspired by the city itself,  Drawbar is a unique Bar & Lounge that shows its deep roots in Atlanta, more so than the South where it resides.  Built from the land once used as stockyards and delivery points of all things rail related, this location powered the heartbeat of the city from a distance so it could watch it grow.  The history of the city and its interconnectivity is shown in both the food and drink served. It’s the perfect place to start or finish one’s night and even something in between.

Coded Connections is proud to partner with the Bellyard Hotel to bring an innovative way for guests to connect.

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